Are your lips sending out an SOS (Save Our Smooch)?  Do you have chronic dry lips?  Are you trapped in the #PolarVortex?  Fear not, here comes Alba Botanica to save the day!


Best. Lip balm. EVER.

Meet the best lip balm ever. Alba Botanicals lip balm comes in “Coconut Cream” and “Pineapple Quench”.  Both smell exactly as described (yummy!) and hydrate like nobody’s business. 

Right now at, receive one free (Coconut Cream) with your $20 Alba purchase.

Also available at Walmart, Walgreens, and

NOTE:  Iam NOT affiliated with any of the above mentioned products or stores.  I simply love this product and want to share with y’all.  :)


My latest addiction. So awesome… I can’t even…

If you like puzzle solving games, room escape games, games like Myst, then you will love this!

The puzzles are interesting but not so hard you want to throw your device against the wall. LOL!

The graphics are beautifully rendered! 3D with 360 movement!

My favorite part? I get to actually turn the keys and knobs. *is a dork* :P

Only $0.99!!! For iPad:

FREE!!! For iPhone:

App-tivating! Pixlr Express

Cool app alert!  PIXLR EXPRESS, by Autodesk  Inc., makes editing photos a breeze!  Just a few things you can do with it:

     ¤ add filters
     ¤ add frames
     ¤ crop
     ¤ smooth,  sharpen,  blur, etc.
     ¤ make collages
     ¤ focal point / bokeh
     ¤ add stickers

… and so much more!!! I think it would take me days to list them all.  :P

It’s so easy and all on your phone… while you’re lazing on the couch.

Some photos I edited using this wündebar app:



AND these collages took me only a minute to put together!  (Yes, I timed myself :P)



Available for both Android and iTunes.  And it’s FREE!! 

A coat for my nails

20131215_190119 It’s 45 degrees F outside, so my nails got cold.  That’s why I bought my new nail polish: Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat!  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!  :P

Shade #700 Wool Knot.

It’s a fun departure from my normal polishes.  It was a little hard to apply evenly.  Maybe next time I will try it with a solid color underneath.  :)